Inspectorate, Investigation & Enforcement Section

The Inspectorate, Investigation and Enforcement Section is responsible for enforcing the Licences Regulations, and by doing so, it assists the Authority to discharge its responsibilities as a regulator and facilitator. Its mandate is as follows:

  1. To ensure that as far as possible all licensable activities are licensed;
  2. To visit premises prior to being licensed to ensure their suitability and compliance with respective Licences Regulations, conditions and the standard of other regulatory bodies to be licensed;
  3. Detect unlicensed activities and take appropriate action;
  4. To carry out general and surprise inspections to ensure that licensees abide with the Licences Regulations and conditions of their licences;
  5. Assist in resolving disputes arising from complaints by clients against licence holders;
  6. Assist other regulatory bodies in ensuring that the licenced premises and activities comply with their Regulations;
  7. Carry out investigations in cases of reports of breaches of licence conditions and submit recommendation for action entailing court proceedings, compounding of offences, suspension, non-renewal or revocation of licensees;
  8. To ensure the payment of license fees.

The Section has 13 staffs, i.e. 10 on Mahe, 2 on Praslin and 1 on La Digue.

Consulting and Regulatory Agencies

  • Department of Information Communications Technology
  • Land Waste Management Agency
  • Ministry of Environment and Energy – Environment Department
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Health – Public Health Services
  • Seychelles Bureau of Standard
  • Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency
  • Seychelles Land Transport Agency
  • Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration
  • Seychelles Planning Authority
  • Seychelles Police Department
  • Seychelles Tourism Board