How is surcharge calculated?

A client is liable to pay surcharge 24 hours after expiry date. That is an additional 10% of the licence fee per month or part thereof. See below example:

Licence fee = SR1,200.00

License expires on 1st July, 2018

If I come to pay my license on 1st August, 2018, I will have to bear 10% surcharge (for one month) which is equal to SR120.00.

Total license fee to pay = SR1,200.00 + SR120.00 = 1,320.00

Which Class do I need to drive a vehicle?

  • Class 1 (16 years+)- motor cycle
  • Class 2 (18 years+) – Private vehicles including commercial vehicle not exceeding 2000kg
  • Class 3 (24 years+) – Taxi (Must have 5 years or more driving experience)
  • Class 4 (18 years+) – Commercial Vehicles in between 2000 kg to 5000kg
  • Class 5 (18 years+) – Private Omnibus from 10 seater onwards
  • Class 6 (24 years) – Public Omnibus from 10 seater onwards
  • Class 7 (any other vehicle ) by name eg: Loader, Excavator, Tractor, etc.

Do I need a license to rent my house?

Private residents leased or rented out to locals on long term basis does not require a licence from the Seychelles Licensing Authority.