Driving License

Local Driving License

When residents are applying for a local driving license, the applicant must:

  • Complete a driving license application form.
  • Attach a Competency Certificate from the Commissioner of Police that the applicant is capable of driving and fully controlling the vehicle in respect of which the application is made or a valid foreign driving permit.
  • License fee of SR 500 for 10 years.

When non-residents are applying for a local driving license, the applicant must produce:

  • His/Her foreign driving license
  • Government Occupancy Permit (GOP)
  • Seychelles National Identity Card
  • Passport.

International Driving Permit

When applying for an International driving permit, the applicant must:

  1. Own a valid Seychelles driving licence
  2. Bring along one passport-size photograph
  3. Licence fee of SR500.00 for one year.

Apply for a Driving License

Download Application form, fill in your details in the required fields and drop in at our office to process the application.