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A delegation from SLA comprising of its CEO, Deputy CEO, Principal Licensing Inspector and the Principal Licensing Officer for Praslin/La Digue met with the MNA, DA and Regional Council Chairperson for La Digue in a meeting on Wednesday 6th February, 2019 at La Passe District Administration Office. The purpose of the meeting was for the two authorities to share very important information, to learn about the pertinent issues affecting the beautiful island of La Digue and to establish closer working relationship. The CEO of SLA apprised the representatives from La Digue on the work that SLA is doing along with other stakeholders to tackle noise pollution, illegal tourism establishments, alcohol abuse and the alarming unlicensed bicycle rentals on the island. The challenges were also pointed out and the MNA took note of further action whereby the District authorities can assist SLA in its endeavor. The District representatives requested that SLA keep them informed of new licences that are issued on La Digue and additionally elaborated on arising matters such as beach beds, electric bicycles, beach vendors building illegal huts and the  problem of non-compliance to licence conditions. The meeting was described as very fruitful from both entities and it was agreed that such meetings should continue at least every three months.



On Tuesday 5th February, 2019 a group of representatives form the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) delivered a presentation with a group of staffs from the Seychelles Licensing Authority highlighting the functions of SIB and its structure. The presentation further elaborated on the procedures undertaken by SIB to assess applications by foreigners who are planning to set up a business in Seychelles. The meeting was an opportunity for SIB and SLA to establish better collaboration and coordination which will help with the ease of doing business in the country.



Mr. Andre Pool, the CEO of SLA conducted an interview with the People newspaper to elaborate on the work that the Seychelles Licensing Authority is doing and its priorities for this year. The discussion concentrated on the most anticipated task to review the Licences Act and Licences Regulations. “By September this year, proposals for the new Act ought to be going before the National Assembly for approval, as well as to the Office of the Attorney General,” he stated. In line with that, SLA has already started a revision of certain licence conditions as well and consultations with the relevant stakeholders is expected to start soon.

Additionally, SLA is participating in consultative meetings along with other stakeholders to come up with proposals to tackle alcohol abuse in the country. Such initiative was launched by the President of the Republic. The CEO further highlighted that SLA is collaborating with the Police and Environment Departments to tackle other pertinent issues and one of them being noise pollution.


The Seychelles Licensing Authority Board of Directors convened its first meeting for the year on Thursday 24th January in the SLA Boardroom. The Board was informed about several tasks that the Authority is giving priority for this year, such as the revision of the Licences legislations and the licence conditions, tackling expired licences, appropriate records of revenue collection and the development of other policies of which SLA is involved in. The Board took the opportunity to highlight other pertinent issues which must be addressed this year.

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation delivered by Mr. Michael Labonte, the Information and Communication Officer, on the roles and responsibilities of the Information and Communication Section in the Authority. Further to the presentation, the Members emphasized on the development of a communication plan and the necessity to engage in training opportunities to further develop this section.



The Board of Directors of the SLA Board held its final meeting for the year 2018 on 20th December. During the meeting, the Board finalized all pending cases and did a review of the year 2018. The Board was pleased with its performance and that of the Authority for the year as it was a very fruitful year. The Members elaborated on the more challenging tasks to come in 2019 as it will be a very busy year for the Board and the Authority as whole. The most important project for the SLA in 2019 will be the review of the licensing legislations of which many are looking forward to its completion. The Board Members pledged their continued support to the CEO, Deputy CEO and the whole team of SLA staff.

Fair Trading Commission Educates SLA Management Team on Fair Trading and Fair Competition

Ms. Rhonda Barreau and Mr. Erol Sophola from the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) attended one of the SLA Management meeting to educate the Management staff on the role of the FTC, the current legislations governing the Commission and how it is applied. The presentation further elaborated on fair competition and how as consumers, each and everyone can help to curb bad practices on the local market. It is to be noted that SLA and FTC are currently collaborating to address complaints arising from consumers, especially in the construction industry and professional services.


SLA Board Holds its 13th Meeting for the Year

The Board of the Seychelles Licensing Authority held its thirteenth meeting for the year 2018 on 22nd November. During the meeting, the Board discussed the necessity to establish clear procedural framework on how to take decisions on cases which comes before the Board. This was in line with discussions on the final Board decision on the case of Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd and FLB Builders Ltd. Additionally, the Board reviewed the SLA Annual Report for 2017 and made amendments where necessary.  Before concluding the meeting, Mrs. Judy Sinon, the Principal Licensing Officer for Trade Section delivered a presentation before the Board on the roles and resposnibilities of the Trade Section, the challenges and propositions on how to overcome the challenges. The Board expressed their full appreciation to the work of the Section and gave their full support to Mrs. Sinon and her team.


Seychelles Licensing Authority Holds Meeting with Station Commanders

The Seychelles Licensing Authority held a meeting on Tuesday 23rd October, 2018 with all Station Commanders at the Police Headquarters. The aim of this meeting was to educate the Station Commanders on the various security features that has been introduced on the new vehicle license disc by the Authority. These security features will enable the Police to verify the authenticity of the vehicle license during spot checks. Additionally, the meeting broadened on how SLA and the Police can work together to tackle various issues, such as, sale of alcohol by retailers after prescribed selling hours, sale of alcohol to minors, duplication of registration numbers and law and order in Market Street. During the meeting, it was agreed that SLA Inspectors and Police Officers will be conducting joint inspections and spot checks from henceforth.

SLA Board of Directors Meets with Representatives of FLB Builders

During its eleventh Board Meeting for the year, the Board of Directors of Seychelles Licensing Authority summoned the representatives of FLB Builders Ltd before the Board. The hearing was held further to a joint request from the Department of Employment, the Ministry of Health and the Seychelles Planning Authority to immediately suspend the licence of FLB Builders Ltd due to breaches of several legislations and policies under the purview of the three entities.

In accordance with section 9(3) of the Licences Act, 2010, the Board gave representatives of FLB Builders Ltd an opportunity to show cause as to why action should not be taken against its licence. In addition to that, the Principal Secretary for Employment and the Public Health Commissioner was present at the Board meeting to give evidence against the licensee. Subsequent to the hearing, the Board will take a decision on the case based on the contribution from all parties concerned.



Consultation Workshop to Present Draft Policy Paper

The Seychelles Licensing Authority organized a half day Consultation Workshop which was held at STC Conference Room on Wednesday 26th September 2018. The aim of the workshop was to engage relevant stakeholders who have been involved in the series of meetings held and to provide their feedback prior to the draft document being finalized. The Consultant, Mr. Edward Donelan presented his Draft Policy Paper on Reviewing Licences Act, 2010 and Regulations made under it for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development. Stakeholders in attendance had the opportunity to learn, debate and make propositions that are going to be included into a new and modern Act. Also present for this workshop was Mr. Patrick Payet, the Secretary of State for Finance, the Chairperson and Members of the SLA Board and the SLA management team.


Minister Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the Minister for Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning conducted a visit at the Seychelles Licensing Authority at Orion Mall on Thursday 20th September, 2018. The Minister visited various sections and met with several employees of the Authority. Subsequently, the Minister attended a meeting with the SLA Board of Directors in the attendance of the Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SLA. The Chairperson of the SLA Board, Mr. Lambert Woodcock briefed the Minister on multiple progress made within the Authority since the new Management and Board has been appointed, such as; a complete structure review of SLA, improvement of working conditions for staff and the ongoing project to review the Licences Act, 2010, theLicence Regulations and licence conditions. Minister Loustau-Lalanne greatly appreciated the invitation by the SLA Board of Directors and pledged his continued support to the Seychelles Licensing Authority.

Seychelles Licensing Authority and the Seychelles Taxi Operators Association works in collaboration to address issues faced by Taxi Operators

The CEO, Deputy CEO and Principal Licensing Inspector attended two meetings organized at Hotels by the Seychelles Taxi Operators Association on Wednesday 5th September, 2018. The meetings were held at Four Seasons Resort and Banyan Tree Resort. The aim of the meetings were to discuss several difficulties that the Taxi Operators are facing at these two Hotels and come to a compromise as to how to address these issues. The Chairman of the Seychelles Taxi Operators Association, Mr. Jemmie Bonne was pleased to have the team from SLA at the meetings as it showed the commitment of the Authority in helping to reduce the issues affecting the market in which these taxis operate.


SLA Appeals Board Meeting

The Seychelles Licensing Authority Appeals Board, set up under section 18 of the Licences Act, 2010, is the Board responsible for hearing and determining appeals against the decisions of the Authority. The SLA Appeals Board held a meeting on Friday 31st August, 2018 to review a case tabled before it for determination. The SLA Appeals Board is comprised of Mrs. Helen Maiche as Chairperson and the Members are Mrs. Irene Sirame, Mrs. Natalie Edmond and Mrs. Rose-Mary Elizabeth.


A Consultant, Mr. Edward Donelan is in the country conducting a review of the Licences Act and all Licence Regulations. Several meetings are being held with various stakeholders, both from the public and private sectors, over the course of 3 weeks to ensure that all bodies concerned with licensing are consulted during this process.

This project, which is much anticipated by several Government entities and the business community, is an exciting project for the country. The report of the Consultant will be presented in September.

JULY 2018

SLA Participates in the Job Fair on Praslin

The Seychelles Licensing Authority participated in the Job Fair which was held on Praslin on Friday 27th July, 2018. The Authority showcased vacancies, its services, the list of licensable activities and the license fees for each activity. Several groups of students and individuals were excited to learn more about the Authority.

SLA Staff Training

A training was held on Saturday 7th July, 2018 in the CEPS Conference Room for all Seychelles Licensing Authority staff, including our staffs from Praslin and La Digue. The aim of the training was to inform and familiarize staffs with new policies and legislative requirements that the Authority must implement. The first presentation was done by the CEO, Mr. Andre Pool. He apprised the staffs on the new Policy on Vertical Integration in Tourism. Secondly, Ms. Maryvonne Francis from the Department of Employment joined the session to educate SLA staffs on various ways to be more productive in the organization. The last presentation was on Access to Information. The presentation addressed the different requirements under the new law and the internal procedures being set up within the Authority to implement the Act.


Official Visit to Inner Islands

The Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SLA conducted an official visit to Praslin and La Digue on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th July, 2018. The aim of the visit was to conduct staff meetings with the SLA staffs on Praslin and those on La Digue. Additionally, there were meetings held with several key stakeholders to discuss various issues affecting the two islands and how the Authority can help to improve the business environment on Praslin and La Digue, these stakeholders included the Praslin Business Association, the Seychelles Hospitality Tourism Association and representatives from the Police Department of both islands.

SLA Meets with Representatives from the Department of Police for the Third Meeting this Year


The Seychelles Licensing Authority met with representatives from the Department of Police for yet another encounter. During the meeting, the three fundamental Section Managers briefed the representatives of the Police Department on the roles of each section and how they work closely with the Police. The meeting rendered further into discussions on various challenges affecting both organizations, such as exchange of information, various mechanisms on how to reduce the number of expired driving licences and vehicle licences, including other issues related to the two entities.

The Department of Police was represented by SP Tirant, the Regional Commander in the South Region, ASP Denousse and Inspector Chetty from the Traffic Section.

In attendance from the Authority was the CEO, Deputy CEO, Principal Licensing Officers for Traffic and Trade Sections, the Principal Licensing Inspector and Licensing Inspector and the Information and Communication Officer.

JUNE 2018

SLA Board Meets with the Principal Licensing Inspector

During its sixth Board Meeting for the year, the Board of Directors of the Seychelles Licensing Authority met with the Principal Licensing Inspector, Mr. Daniel Quatre to discuss the role of the Inspectorate Section. The Board Members were informed of the various challenges affecting the performance of the Section and Mr. Quatre appealed to the Board Member representing the Police Department for more assistance in the delivery of their functions. The Board expressed their satisfaction to the Inspectorate Section for the challenging job that they perform and assured their support to help overcome the challenges discussed.

MAY 2018

SLA Participates in the Tourism Master Plan Validation Workshop

The Tourism Master Plan Validation Workshop was held on Wednesday 30th May, 2018 at the Eden Bleu Hotel Conference Room. The purpose of the workshop was to engage all relevant stakeholders who were involved in the consultative process to validate the findings and recommendations based on the series of meetings held and provide their feedback prior to the document being finalized. The Seychelles Licensing Authority, being an Authority who works closely with the Tourism Department was also consulted during this process. At the workshop, the Authority was represented by the CEO, Mr. Andre Pool, the Deputy CEO, Ms. Angelic Appoo and the Principal Licensing Officer for Trade, Mrs. Judy Sinon.

SLA Board Holds Its Fifth Board Meeting For The Year

The Board of Directors of the Seychelles Licensing Authority met on Thursday 17th May, 2018 for its Fifth Board Meeting for the year. As per the agenda of the meeting, the Board debated on the procedures to put in place moratorium on certain specific license categories. Additionally, the Board reviewed the list of license fees applicable today and the different categories of licensable activities. It was unanimously agreed that there should be a complete review of the fees in general and this exercise shall be part of the project to review the Licenses Act and Regulations. During the meeting, the SLA Board has furthermore established new procedures for conducting hearings and they were delivered a detailed presentation on the roles and responsibilities of the Statistics Unit of the Authority. The presentation was delivered by Mr. Walton Accouche, the Senior Statistical Assistant.

Consultative Forum on Access to Information

The Seychelles Licensing Authority participated in the Consultative Forum on Access to Information which was held at Eden Bleu Conference Room on 3rd and 4th of May, 2018. The programme for the forum included a deliberation on the new Seychelles Access to Information Bill as well as presentations by various entities on how to access information by the general public.

The Chief Executive Officer of SLA, Mr. Andre Pool was priviledged to deliver a presentation on Friday 4th May, 2018 before the audience.

The presentation gave details on the functions of the Authority, how it stores information and how the public can request and access information maintained by the Authority.

APRIL 2018

Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) and National Statistics Bureau (NSB) Creates A Professional Bond

The CEO of SLA, Mr. Andre Pool and the CEO of NSB, Mrs. Laura Ah-Time both expressed their satisfaction for the two entities to build a closer working relationship and create better collaboration techniques amongst each other. During a meeting held on Wednesday 16th April, 2018, the two entities discussed on various means to share information and how one can assist another in developing robust statistics which can help decision makers. This meeting was a first stepping stone to better understanding the value of information that each entity holds and the need to share these information. The SLA and NBS has agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to that effect. Present at the meeting on SLA side was also Ms. Angelic Appoo, Mr. Peter Allisop, Mr. Walton Accouche and Ms. Sharifa Ernesta. Present at the meeting on NSB side was also Ms. Rebeka Labiche, Ms. Sheena Saldhana and Mr. Ned Rosalie.

SLA Board 4th Meeting for 2018

The Seychelles Licensing Authority Board held its fourth meeting for the year 2018 on 19th April, 2018. Matters on the agenda of the Board meeting included a review of the Board procedures, a request to suspend a licence, a review of the SLA financial performance for the first quarter, amongst other subjects. As a familiarization process, the Board is also meeting with Heads of different Departments within to Authority to identify the various challenges and how the Board can push for additional support for the Authority.