Vehicle Registration

Registration of Vehicle

When registering a vehicle, the applicant must:

  • Fill a vehicle registration application form that should be stamped and signed by an authorized Vehicle examiner at the Vehicle Testing Station (VTS).
  • A copy of Import Permit and Bill of Entry or if the vehicle has been imported by a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer, proof of purchase from the car Dealer must be attached.
  • Registration fee of SR 100.

Vehicle Registration Number

Registration numbers are allocated automatically from our computerized system.

Reservation of Registration Number

The vehicle owner must inform SLA in writing to reserve a registration number and pay a fee of SR 2000 which is not refundable.  SLA reserves the right to reallocate the reserved registration number if not in use within 2 years from the date of payment.

Number Plate Mark

The following mark should be affixed to vehicles next to the registered numbers.

  • Carts, Carriages and Trailers the mark shall be the letter “A
  • Bicycles the mark shall be numbers only
  • Motor Vehicles the mark shall be letter “S
  • Vehicles owned by Seychelles Government the letters “GS
  • Vehicles used by Diplomatic Missions/Consular Posts/United Nations Missions or delegates of the Commission of European Communities in addition to the mark “S” the letters “CD” , “CC”, “UN”, “EEC”.

Number Plate Colour