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The Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) was established in September 1984 and it is an authority under the portfolio of the Ministry of Investment Entrepreneurship and Industry. The role of SLA has evolved over the years in line with the political and economic reforms which have taken place in the country. This was considered as another vital and important step in the Government’s endeavor to improve the business climate in Seychelles

Newly released song titled ”LAFYERTE SLA” commemorating SLA’s 35th anniversary in 2019 . The song was composed and sung by SLA staff. Enjoy and share the pride of SLA!

The Licences Act, 2010 gives powers to the Seychelles Licensing Authority to:

Our motto

Aiming to be the best

Since its opening in 1984 SLA has always maintain the same ideals which is to provide the best for its customers

Our Regulation

The Authority is managed by a Board which consists of seven members from both the private and public sector. The daily administration, supervision and control over the affairs of the Authority lies within the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer. There is also a Deputy Chief Executive Officer who discharges the functions of the CEO during the absence of the CEO and performs any other duties as may be assigned by the CEO or the SLA Board.

Additionally, there is an SLA Appeals Board to hear and determine appeals against the decisions of the Authority.


To provide a high quality and efficient licensing service which meets the needs and expectations of Seychellois and foreign customers, in support of economic, social and environmental goals and promoting investments and development of businesses in Seychelles.


A leading dynamic regulatory agency offering personalized service delivery that surpasses customer expectations.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Authority is to facilitate business socio-economic development through issuing and enforcement of the Licences Act and Licence Regulations and to create the enabling environment for sustainable business development in Seychelles.

The Authority works in consultation with several other stakeholders before it approves any licence, especially licences requiring inspections by other agencies.

Our Values

  • Professionalism: to display competency and being courteous in service delivery.
  • Confidentiality: to ensure safety of information.
  • Promptness and reliability: to ensure licences are issued as per regulations.
  • Accountability and Transparency: to deliver our services equally and fairly.