Seychelles Licensing Authority


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Class 1 (16 years+)- motor cycle
  • Class 2 (18 years+) – Private vehicles including commercial vehicle not exceeding 2000kg
  • Class 3 (24 years+) – Taxi (Must have 5 years or more driving experience)
  • Class 4 (18 years+) – Commercial Vehicles in between 2000 kg to 5000kg
  • Class 5 (18 years+) – Private Omnibus from 10 seater onwards
  • Class 6 (24 years) – Public Omnibus from 10 seater onwards
  • Class 7 (any other vehicle ) by name eg: Loader, Excavator, Tractor, etc.

Private residents leased or rented out to locals on long term basis does not require a licence from the Seychelles Licensing Authority.

Completed applications should take no more than 14 days to be processed and issued.

Delays out of SLA’s control can include: incomplete applications, difficulties in synching inspection dates with other consulting bodies, and delays in receiving recommendations from relevant authorities.

No. Licences are not transferable.

If a business is changing ownership, the business should change registration details at the Registrar of Companies and apply for a new licence accordingly.

Accommodation, Catering and Entertainment Establishments = 5 years

Building Contractors = 5 years

Broadcasting and Telecommunication = 1 to 15 years

Health Services = 1 year

Complimentary Health Services = 1 year

Diving Business = 1 year

Gaming Activities = 1 year

Hirer = 1 year

Hire Craft = 1 year

Liquor & Outdoor Entertainment = 1 year

Newspaper Publisher = 5 years

Manufacturing = 5 years

Petroleum Sale = 5 years

Professional Services = 5 years

Services = 5 years

Vessels = 1 year

Trade Business = 5 years

Taxi = 1 year

Driving Licence = 10 years

International Driving Licence = 3 months

Bicycle Licence = 1 year

Road Fund/ Vehicle Licence = 1 year

Apply for a wholesale license. The license is only open for Seychellois and restricted for the wholesale of good categories 1(e), 5, 5(a) excluding baby food, 7.

Attached is a list of good categories. here

Yes. Someone can make payment towards the renewal of a licence. Identification details should be provided.

A client is liable to pay surcharge 24 hours after expiry date. That is an additional 10% of the licence fee per month or part thereof. See below example:

Licence fee = SR1,200.00

License expires on 1st July, 2021

If they pay the license on 1st August, 2021, I will have to bear 10% surcharge (for one month) which is equal to SR120.00.

Total license fee to pay = SR1,200.00 + SR120.00 = 1,320.00

Please find attached here

  • Beneficiary name: CBS(Central Bank of Seychelles)
  • Beneficiary account no.:1401
  • Description details: vehicle number or business type

Contact or email  a copy of SEFT form to the SLA Information officer as a proof of payment so they can follow-up with account section.

  • 040A000-DE20200-11452001-000 TRADE & INDUSTRY LICENSES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452002-000 LICENCES & OTHER LICENSES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452003-000 ROAD TAX & OTHER LICENCES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452004-000 TELECOMMUNICATION LICENCES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452005-000 CASINO LICENCES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452006-000 HOTEL LICENCES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452007-000 LIQUOR & TODDY LICENSES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11452011-000 RADIO & BROADCASTING LICENCES
  • 040A000-DE20200-11510010-000 LEVIES

The cheques issuer will need to settle their cheques within 10 days(2weeks)

The cheques issuer will be forbidden to do any transactions and we will not be accepted to do any more cheques payment.