Mr. Andre Pool Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Jessica Larue Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Flavia Contoret Principal Licensing Officer - Compliance
Mrs. Christa Ernesta Senior Licensing Officer – Registry
Mr. Yannick Lucas Legal Officer
Ms. Marie-Lisette Boniface Ag. Director (HR & Budget Management)
Mr. Walton Accouche Senior Statistical Assistant
Mrs. Dorothy Edmond Principal Licensing Officer - Traffic
Mr. Vincent Padayachy Systems Support Manager
Mrs. Judy Sinon Principal Licensing Officer - Trade
Mr. Daniel Quatre Principal Licensing Inspector
Mr. Michael Labonte Information & Communication Officer


The Board of the Seychelles Licensing Authority is chaired by Mr Lambert Woodcock, and its members are:

Mr. Lambert Woodcock Chairperson
Ms. Jennifer Sinon Board Member
Mr. William Zarine Board Member
Dr. Jastin Bibi Board Member
Ms. Bryna Felix Board Member
Mr. James Tirant Board Member
Ms. Giovana Neves Board Member


There is also a Seychelles Licensing Appeals Board which comprises of 4 Members and they are appointed by the President for a period of 3 years. The Members are:


Mrs. Helene Maiche


Mrs. Irene Sirame
Mrs. Nathalie Edmond
Ms. Rose-Mary Elizabeth