Seychelles Licensing Authority



Press release for  contractors forum april 2022

The Fair-Trading Commission, The Planning Authority, The Seychelles Licensing Authority and the Employment Department carried out a session with Building Contractors on the 27th of April 2022 at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles. The theme of the event was “Pli mon ganny lenformasyon kler. Pli I fasil pou mon fer biznes”.

The primary aim of the forum was to bring to the attention of the Building Contractors the mandate and roles of the 4 Government institutions and the proposed amendments to licensing procedures and conditions.

The proposed amendments are as follows;

  • Submit all the relevant notices 48 hours prior to the execution of certain elements of works as per Building Regulation.
  • The standard Planning Authority site book and a set of approved drawings are to be kept on the building site at all times.
  • On no account should construction deviate from the planning approval and conditions granted without the approval of the Planning Authority.
  • The Contractor should possess knowledge of the Building regulations.
  • Breach of any of the above conditions or mistreatment to clients and partaking in any illegal constructions will result in license revocation or suspension, as well as the instigation of full enforcement actions as stipulated by the Planning Act.
  • Attend at least one training organized by the Fair-Trading Commission prior to issuance of upgrading and renewal of the License.
  • Comply with the Consumer Protection Act 2010.


The Building Contractors had the opportunity to raise questions and the Panel provided the necessary clarification.