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Building Contractor (Class II)

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License Fees

5 Years
Building Contractor Class IISCR2000

Requirements from Planning Authority for Class II Contractor’s License

1. Successful operation of a Class III Contractor’s License for a minimum of 2 years;
2. Formal contract with an engineer for supervision of structural works;
3. Formal contract with a quantity surveyor (to ensure that the bills of quantities are not exorbitant and to protect the company against bankruptcy);
4. Adequate insurance cover
5. Owner(s) must have good knowledge of managing contracts (Business Management qualification) or have a suitably qualified person within the organisation;
6. Good knowledge of construction site safety;
7. Good knowledge of building regulations (familiarity with planning procedures poses as an advantage);
8. Must have good human resource base of at least 20 employees on the payroll inclusive of a minimum of 5 masons and 5 carpenters;
9. An office and depot to store materials;
10. A Creole, French or English speaking project officer/site manager;
11. A good equipment base, at the most basic as follows:
• 1 no. Truck 1 ton in the least
• Cement mixer 1m³
• 1no. Theodolite (or total station)
• 1no. concrete vibrator
• 1no. compactor
• Scaffolding (reasonable amount)
• General carpentry and masonry tools
12. Access to funds or adequate working capital (liability or assets/ stocks)
13. Above all else a contractor must be honest and trust worthy and have the aptitude to deliver projects at the least inconvenience to the developer bearing in mind the financial risks any investment carries

Planning Authority’s additional requirements upon new application and renewal

  1. List of employees
  2. Formal contract with Quantity Surveyor
  3. Formal contract with Architect/ Technician
  4. Reference/ Recommendation letters from past clients (minimum 3)
  5. Portfolio of past projects and planning reference
  6. List of equipment
  7. Establishment list

Permitted Works/ Schedule of Works

  1. Advanced Construction Works
    • Dwelling houses exceeding 93sqm (1000 sq. ft) in area including split-level houses, double-storey houses, duplex houses, semi-detached houses, row houses, terrace houses
    • Double-storey residential buildings.
    • Double-storey non-residential office and administrative buildings.
    • Double-storey building for agriculture, industry, trade and commerce
    • Double-storey institutional buildings.
    • Double-storey assembly buildings.
    • Double-storey guesthouses and similar minor tourist development.
    • Renovation works of existing building max, double-storey dwelling houses, offices, shops stores etc., and including provisions of extra rooms i.e. toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms etc.

  2. Minor Construction Works
    • Sundry small detached outhouses not exceeding 10sqm in area and 3.7m in height i.e. external toilets/bathroom/kitchen/tool stores /chicken coops/pig sties etc.
    • Sundry minor decorative and recreational landscaping works i.e. flag stoning, footpaths, steps, parking spaces, birdbaths etc.

  3. Repairs and Maintenance
    • Repairs and maintenance, minor improvements, decoration of existing structure/buildings/dwelling houses/offices/shops/stores etc.

Licence conditions

A licence to provide services as a Building Contractor or Building (Maintenance) Contractor shall in addition to any other conditions, which the Authority may specify in the licence, be subject to the following conditions:

• Shall carry out work in accordance with scope and conditions of their licence;
• ensure that there is a written contract with the client relating to the work to be carried out, including the contract fee and expected date of completion of work;
• provide good quality of services or work and respect the deadline for completion of work agreed with clients;
• provide services in accordance with the scope of the work stipulated in the licence;
• of good conduct in the course of providing services;
• be courteous to persons availing its services and ensure that its employees do likewise;
• the premises including workshop or yard used by the contractor in connection with his building operations shall meet the requirements and standards set by the Ministry of Health;
• Keep and maintain his licensed place or premises in a state of cleanliness at all times;
• all materials shall be stored in such a manner and in such a state as to prevent the emission of noxious or offensive effluvia there from;
• ensure that adequate care and precaution is taken when carrying out construction work on or near any public road or in public road or in public place to prevent members of the public from sustaining injuries or loss of life;
• shall be acquainted with the guidelines issued by the Ministry responsible for public works and the current practices and standards relevant to the services under the licence;
• where the licence holder is a corporate body or a firm, the licence holder must inform the Authority in writing of any change of Management, Directors, Partners and Shareholders during the validity of the licence;

i. in respect of a company where there is a change in the employment of the person or persons qualified to provide the services, the licensee shall submit to the Authority the full name of the person or persons employed together with the documents required under schedule of Regulations 5;
ii. a firm where there is a change of partner, to provide proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that the partner is qualified to provide the service.

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