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Hirer of Loaders & Excavators

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License Fees

1 Year
Licence fee SCR400

Documents To Accompany Application

  • Lease Agreement or Proof of Ownership of Business premises
  • Planning Authority’s approval and certificate of occupancy in respect of a newly constructed premises or change of use if the premises was not being used a shop

In the case of
(i) A Company – the certificate of incorporation and memorandum of Association
(ii) A Partnership – the certificate of registration of the business

  • In the case of a licence to hirer video films, the name of the manager and a copy of his or her national identity card to ensure that the manager is 18 years of age or above
  • In the case of hirer of watersport equipment, the insurance policy, a contract with a hotel to provide such a business and certificate of seaworthiness from the Maritime Safety Administrator
  • Note that all hirers of plant, bicycles, bullock carts and watersport equipments require an insurance policy covering the passenger, crew, and the public for personal injury and for damage caused to property

License Conditions

Loaders and excavators on wheel must be registerred and licensed whereas those on tracks must be registered only.

Licence is not transferable.

‘’Once issued, licence fee is non-refundable’’.

1) If your vehicle is oversize/overweight you should with prior consent of the commissioner of police and the director general land transport or their representatives, obtain before each and every journey by giving notice in writing on the official form “movement oversize” vehicle at least forty eight (48)hrs before the vehicle are moved. All movement of the vehicle must be escorted by another vehicle proceeding directly in front of the vehicle.

2 If your vehicles are used for transportation of materials, at no times should any of the vehicle be loaded beyond the maximum permitted laden weight of the vehicle, and shall not be used on secondary roads unless permission has been granted. The tail gate of the vehicle should be on and tightly fitted to ensure that no spillage of the load occurs on the road. In addition loads which are proved to fly off onto the road should be suitably covered to avoid such incident. *

3) If your vehicle can only travel at less than 40km/hr avoid travelling in the times stated above in the roads bounded by anse aux pins, beau vallon north east point, la misere, sans soucis and including all roads within victoria.

4) Whenever your vehicle is travelling on the road, the driver should have specific instructions to avoid incovenience to traffic. The vehicle should pull up or slow down at any convenient location as often as necessary to allow other vehicles to overtake, to avoid long queues of vehicle building up behind.

5) Should you have any doubt as to the times, routes or procedures, for your movement, please check with land transport division or the police before commencing the movement.

6) In case you hire earth moving vehicle, you must first ensure that your client has obtained planning permission before actually carrying out the job including cutting of road, cutting of embankment, site preparation , extracting of soil,digging and clearing of marshes. Proof that planning permission has been obtained shall be provided to you .
* materials include concrete blocks, gravel, solid waste, stone dust, aggregate, soil and cement.

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