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Manufacture of Snacks

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License Fees

Where the projected annual turnover of the manufacturing enterprise

5 Years10 Years
Does not exceed R100,000SCR1200SCR2400
Exceeds R100,000 but does not exceed R500,000SCR1400SCR2800
Exceeds R500,000SCR2000SCR4000

Documents To Accompany Application

  1. In the case of an individual applying for a licence , documentary proof
    to the satisfaction of the Authority that the applicant has the education, competence, skill or experience required of a holder of the licence
  2. In the case of a firm, documentary proof of the education, competence, skill or experience referred to in paragraph (a) in respect of each of the partners of the firm
  3. In the case of a corporate body
    (i) copies of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum of
    (ii) documentary proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that the
    applicant has in its employment persons including the manager possessing the required education, skill, competence or experience
  4. Documentary proof that the applicant is the owner or lessee of the premises to be used for manufacturing
  5. Where the premises referred to in paragraph (d) is new or has been renovated
    (i) planning approval and certificate of occupancy that the premises comply with all the planning requirements under the laws of Seychelles
    (ii) a certificate from the person in charge of the Fire Brigade that the premises comply with the planning requirements relating to fire protection under the laws of Seychelles.
  6. Letter of approval from the Ministry responsible for Industries
    (not applicable to small scale manufacturing of food products where the annual turnover does not exceed R10000
  7. A signed statement of the estimated gross turnover for the first year of manufacturing after the grant or renewal of licence
  8. Licence holder shall
    (i) ensure that the relevant premises comply with all occupational safety requirements under the laws of Seychelles
    (ii) make arrangements with SWAC or a licensed refuse collector for the disposal of refuse from the premises and
    (iii) keep the premises clean at all times and maintain it in good order and repair
  9. The holder of a licence shall display the licence at a conspicuous place at his principal place of business

License Condition

The kitchen should be kept in hygienic condition at all times.

To display this licence at a conspicuous place on the business premises specified in the licence.

‘’once issued, licence fee is non-refundable’’.

Licence Conditions for Cottage Businesses

· Ensure proper hygiene in the production process ensuring end products are safe for human consumption
· Ensure appropriate packaging and detailed labelling as per Public Health and Bureau of standards requirements.

· The premises should be kept clean at all times.
· Solid waste should be properly disposed of at the nearest community bins. The solid waste should be disposed of in bin liners.
· Provide a grease trap in the waste water system and ensure that the sewage system is in good functioning order at all times.

· Comply with the requirements issued by the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency

· Premises should be 10 m away from any animal breeding activities or sheds, chicken coop, and 15m from heavy wood work activities.
· Comply with the code of hygiene practices issued by the Public Health Authority.
· The kitchen and work stations should be kept clean and any defects compromising health and safety standards should be rectified immediately.
· Insects/pest control should be implemented on a regular basis.
· Food handlers should maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness, wear suitable protective clothing and hair covering, and avoid preparing food if they are not medically fit or can contaminate others and the food.
· Distribution and delivery of finished goods must be appropriately packed, preserved, and distributed at standards and temperature defined by the Public Health Authority.
· Ensure compliance with Food act, Public Health Act and Codex Alimentarius Standards.

· All applicants in the food industry must possess a certificate of attendance in basic food hygiene practices within a period of 6 months after having been licensed.

· Valid Permission from property owner/ lease agreements/title deed is required for the duration of the license.

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