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Road Transport (Taxi Driver) License

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License Condition

This licence permits you to operate as a taxi driver subject to complying with the following.

a) The Taxi Operator and his or her Second and Relief Driver shall comply with the Licences (Road Transport) Regulations and Road Transport (Taxi) Regulations as amended, and Code of Conduct/Ethics for Taxi Drivers.

b) The number of passengers to be carried in Taxi S……. (van, car, bus, Jeep, Twin cab etc), shall not exceed ………. excluding the driver.


‘’Once Issued, Licence Fee is Non-Refundable’’.

1. Licence fee is payable at R500/- for one year in advance. Failure to pay the licence fee invalidates your licence and you should cease to operate. This is in accordance with Section 13 (6) of the Licences (Amendment) Act 1998.

2. The licence holder shall be the owner of the taxi vehicle and :-

a) shall operate his taxi or cause it to be operated for at least 56 hours each week.

b) may operate his taxi or cause it to be operated for any number of hours more than 56 hours each week; and

c) except with the permission of the Licensing Authority, shall not engage in any other employment, trade, business or office.

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