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Business License Application

An applicant can obtain a business license as a sole trader with a valid National Identity Number (NIN) or as a registered company or business with a valid Business Registration Number (BRN).

The requirements, fee and process for applying for a business license varies according to the type of business activity the applicant wants to engage in. However, the process usually includes:

  1. Filling and submitting an application form either at our offices or through the online gateway
  2. Approval of application by the CEO or Deputy CEO
  3. Payment of license fee
  4. Collection of issued license

If the business license activity requires one or more premises, there is a process of inspection of premise by inspectors and relevant consulting agencies such as the Planning Authority, Public Health Department, Seychelles Tourism Board, Fire Safety & Rescue Agency, Department of Environment, Department of Information Communication Technology and Landscape & Waste Management Agency. If the inspection reports indicate that there are no defects or risks with the premise, the application will be considered for approval.

All application forms are available at the office and on our website.

Each application form contains the license fees, the relevant supporting documents needed and any other specific requirements for the license.

In accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act, SLA must deal with a license application within 14 days