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License condition may vary to satisfy the requirements of the license authority and those of consulting bodies.

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License Fees

5 Years
Keep/ Manage a discothequeSCR2000

Licence Procedures

  1. In the case of an individual, documentary proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that:
    i. The applicant has the necessary experience and finance to keep and manage the type of establishment to which the application refers;
    ii. The business name has been registered under the Registration of Business Names Act;
    iii. The applicant is the owner or lessee of the premises;
    iv. Where the premises are to be used for catering services or take-away business, approval from the Department of Public Health that the premises satisfy the health requirements under the laws of Seychelles;
    v. In the case of an application for a license to keep and manage an establishment in new or renovated premises, planning approval and certificate of occupancy that the premises comply with all the planning requirements under the laws of Seychelles;
    vi. In the case of a discotheque, documentary proof of valid insurance cover for public liability.

  2. In the case of a firm:
    i. The documents specified in (a) (i) in respect of each of the partners and documents specified in paragraph (a) (ii) and (iii) and where applicable  (a) (iv);
    ii. True copy of certificate of registration of the firm;
  3. In the case of a corporate body:
    i. A true copy of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association;
    ii. Documents specified in paragraph (a) (i), (iii), (iv) and (v);
    iii. Documentary proof to the satisfaction of the Authority and the Seychelles Tourism Board that the applicant has in its employment persons having the necessary experience to keep the type of establishment to which the application refers:

License Condition

To comply with the licences (accommodation, catering and entertainment establishment) regulations  2011

:- is hereby licensed to keep and manage the premises as a discotheque  with an admission capacity restricted to ……persons only.                              

To display this licence at a conspicuous place on the business premises specified in the licence.

‘’Once issued, licence fee is non-refundable’’.

The right of admission to the discotheque shall be restricted to persons of the age of eighteen and above.

–  requirements of the production of identity cards on seeking admission.

– the use of a metal detector to identify metal weapons of an offensive nature.

– the employment of security staff, as may be decidedby the authority including a female security staff for search if necessary on female  persons seeking admission.

–  liquor should not be sold to persons already in a state of intoxication on your business premises.   

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