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Outdoor Entertainment

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License Fees

For a period of one daySCR100
For a period exceeding one day and not exceeding 3 daysSCR1500
For a period exceeding 3 days but not exceeding 12 monthsSCR5000
A deposit with the Authority of such sum not exceeding SCR5000

Documents To Accompany Application

a) Particulars of persons concerned in the organisation or promotion of the outdoor entertainment activity for which the licence is applied for and the interest represented by such person

b) Particulars of persons who have been invited to or agreed to participate in the outdoor entertainment activity and the interests represented by such persons

c) Particulars of the purposes to which the profits of the outdoor entertainment activity are intended to be applied

d) Where the approval of the Commissioner of Police is required for the outdoor entertainment activity under the Public Order Act, the written approval of the Commissioner is required

e) Written permission of the owner or lessee of the premises in which the outdoor entertainment activity is to be held

License Condition

Subject to the following:-
– sale of alcohol must not extend beyond ……….

(a) to comply with the licences (liquor and outdoor entertainment) regulations 1998.

(b) the sale of liquor is strictly prohibited.
(b) liquor should be sold or delivered in plastic cups and consumed on the premises by
persons of the age of 18 and above.

(c) no liquor should be consumed or delivered on the premises.

– the licencee shall comply with the copyrights act 2014

1. Provide adequate number of bins for the deposit and collection of dirt,
rubbish or refuse at the place for which the licence is granted

2. Collect and dispose to the satisfaction of the authority, within such time
not exceeding 24 hours after the completion of the occasion for which the
licence was granted, the dirt, rubbish or refuse thrown, deposited or placed
on that occasion at the place for which the licence has been granted;

3. Not permit any obscene entertainment at the out-door entertainment

4. Ensure that the persons participating at any entertainment as a performer
are decently dressed;

5. Must provide toilet facilities at the place of the out-door entertainment activity;

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