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License Fees

5 year
Licence FeeSCR1200

Documents To Accompany Application

(a) in the case where the applicant will personally provide the services and states that he has a certain standard of education, competence, skill or experience, a certificate showing that the applicant has the standard of education, competence, skill or experience;
(b) in the case of a firm where the partners of a firm will personally provide the services, a certificate showing that the partners of the firm have the standard of education, competence, skill or experience;
(c) in the case of a body corporate or where an individual or the partners in the firm will not personally provide the service, evidence to the satisfaction of the Authority that the body corporate, individual or firm possessing the standard of education, competence, skill or experience;
(d) where premises are required for the purposes of providing the services specified in the application, documentary
(e) in the case of a firm a true copy of registration of the firm and in the case of a corporate body a true copy of the certificate of incorporation and the memorandum and articles of association of the corporate body;
Consulting Bodies
Additional documents
• SLA Application Miscellaneous Services

License Condition

To comply with licences (miscellaneous services) regulations 2000.

A. Butchers must sell their meat at their licenced premises but are also authorized to deliver meat to hotels and shops provided that they comply
with undermentioned conditions i.e 1 to 7.
B. The products which Butchers are permitted to sell are; – Fresh/Frozen Beef/Pork, Foie Gras, Black Pudding, Creol Sausage and Salted Meat
C. Butchers’ stalls must be approved by the Ministry of Health
D. Butchers’ scales are subject to periodic checks by Weights and Measure Departments.
E. Butchers are to ensure that all live pigs purchased by them must be slaughtered at the Abattoir situated at Le Rocher.
1. They must be equipped with insulated fiberglass containers with tight fitting covers.
2. The containers must have smooth surface which can easily be cleaned and disinfected. They must also be fitted with a drainage point at the bottom end.
3. Fresh and chilled meat must be transported with ice flakes in the containers.
4. The containers must be stored in a clean and hygienic area at all times.
5. Containers must be open for inspection whenever requested by any authorized officers.
6. A brand name must appear on the packaging of their products in order to be able to identify the supplier of the products.
7. The containers are not to be stored inside or outside the Victoria Market area.

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