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Diving Business

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License Fees

1 Year
As a dive operatorSCR7000
As a dive centreSCR10000
N. B: If there is any change in partnership/shareholders etc. Please do notify the Authority. A surcharge of 10% of the licence fee will be added each month or part thereof which has elapsed from the date of expiration of the licence and the date of the lodging of an application.

Documents to accompany application

(1) Letter of approval of the project from the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (SIB).

(2) Name and Certificate in diving of the Open Water Instructor (for Dive Centre) namely

(a) Teaching status Open Water Scuba Instructor’s licence from an Association of Professional Diving Instructors;

(b) an International First Aid certificate;

(c) a certificate of competence in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.

(3) Name and certificates in Diving of the Dive Master, Dive Operator’s licence namely (for Dive Operator’s licence)

(a) Dive master qualification from an association of Professional Diving Instructors;

(b) an International First Aid Certificate;

(c) a certificate of competence in cardio pulmonary Resuscitation;

(4) Copy of certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association in case of the applicant being a corporate body or a copy of certificate of Business Registration if applicant is to trade under a Business Name.

(5) Policy of insurance covering the staff and those availing of the services.

(6) Policy of insurance covering the hire craft;

(7) Certificate of seaworthiness from the Maritime Safety Administration.

(8) When a Dive Centre wishes to set up a retail outlet for selling of diving equipment & accessories, a copy of the lease agreement for the premises or proof of ownership.

(9) Lease agreement if the Dive Centre is being leased, or if the premises is your own, your proof of ownership.

Licence Condition

1. Must comply with the licences (diving business) regulations, 1991. As amendment regulation 2003.

2. To comply with the provisions of the control of hirecraft act and licences (trade) regulations 1987.

3. Must have a valid insurance policy to include third party passenger liability and damage to property during the validity of the licence.

4. Subject to annual inspection survey by the seychelles maritime safety administration (smsa).

5. To ensure the safety of the public and users of inshore waters.

6. Respect all regulations concerning access and use of marine park be issued from time to time by the department of environment.

7. To exercise reasonable care in the use of hirecraft so as not to cause injury or risk the life of passengers and other persons.

8. Whenever any change of ownership or management of the diving business for which a licence has been granted or any replacement of an open water instructor or a divemaster of such business occurs, the holder of the licence shall, within seven days of such occurence, inform the authority and the ministry responsible for tourism of such change or replacement, in writing, giving particulars of such change or replacement including the qualifications and experience of the new manager, open water instructor or divemaster, as the case may be.

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