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Shipping Agent

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License Fees

5 year
Shipping AgentSCR5000

Documents To Accompany Application

(i) Documentary proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that the company has in its employment persons who have a suitable standard of education and who have not less that five years experience in the shipping business in a position of responsibility;
(ii) a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum of the company applying for the licence;
(iii) Documentary proof that the applicant is the owner or lessee of the premises to be used for the purpose of providing the services specified in the application;
(iv) Documentary proof from the ship owner or ship management company that the applicant is entitled to act as its agent;

License Condition


To ensure that good quality service is provided to the Public and contractual obligations and deadlines are respected.

‘’Once Issued, Licence Fee is Non-Refundable’’.

To provide services as a shipping agent.

To have in your employment a person with suitable educational qualifications and not less than five years’ experience in a shipping agent’s functions.

To keep any bank guarantee or policy of insurance given as security in force during the period of validity of the licence.

To inform the licensing authority of any change of directors subsequent to the date of the application.

To show courtesy and observe good conduct in all dealings.

To comply with the provisions of the harbour act and regulations made thereunder in respect of the ship which the licensee represents.

To display this licence at a conspicuous place on the business premises specified in the licence. 


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