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Tourist Guide

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License Fees

5 Year
Licence FeeSCR1000

Documents To Accompany Application

(i) certificate of successful completion of the tourist guide course by individual applicant or by each partner in the case of a partnership (where there is more than one partner) from the Seychelles Tourism Board;

(ii) certificate and references of the person in the business or to be employed, who has received training as a tourist guide to carry out the business

(iii) First Aid certificate;

(iv) insurance policy of the business covering personal injury and damage to their property while on tour;

(v) Licence fee of SR1000 for 5 years

License Condition

Subject to Licences (Tourist Guide) Regulations 1996.


‘’Once Issued, Licence Fee is Non-Refundable’’.

Not allowed to transfer clients from hotels and other tourism establishments to the airport,
Newport, and the inter island quay vice-versa.

Not allowed to provide services similar to a taxi operator i.e. To accept payment for transportation
Of any clients.

Must at all times during the duration of this licence, have a valid insurance policy, and copy of same
To be provided to this authority.

To provide good service as per attached code of ethics.

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