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Coco-De-Mer Dealer

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License Fees

1 Year
Licence FeeSCR50

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License Condition

This licence permits you to deal in and sell coco de mer nuts on your licence premises only.

To display this licence at a conspicuous place on the business premises as specified in the licence.

‘’once issued, licence fee is non-refundable’’.

1. Must comply with the licence coco de mer dealers (regualtions 1987) (cap 87) including section 13 namely that it shall not be lawful for any person other than the holder of a licence to carry on the business of dealing in matured nuts. No coco de mer nuts should be placed in any retail shop for sale or display for sale without such a licence.

2. To label each mature nut in your possession. the label must be approved by the department of environment.

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