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Professional Services (An Engineer)

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License Fees

5 year
Licence FeeSCR3000
Each additional premises SCR2,000

Documents To Accompany Application

a) in the case of an individual

(I) a certificate showing that the applicant possesses a degree or diploma in architecture or engineering from an institution of international repute acceptable to the Authority; or

(ii) Documentary proof that the applicant has the necessary competence, experience and skill to provide services as an architect or engineer;

b) in the case of a firm, a certificate referred to in paragraph (a) (i) and documentary proof of competency, experience and skill referred to in paragraph (a) (ii) in respect of each of the partners of the firm; and

c) in the case of a corporate body

(I) Documentary proof to the satisfaction of the Authority that the corporate body has in its employment persons who satisfy the requirements of paragraph (a).

(ii) a true copy of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association.

License Condition

To comply with licences (professional services) regulations, 2011

‘’once issued, licence fee is non-refundable’’.

(I) endorsement of the commencement notice as proof of your involvement and professional commitment to adequately supervise the structural aspects of the construction. You should also be available for the inspection of the structural works when requested by the development control engineers;

(ii) take the responsibility of ensuring that all design requirements are implemented during construction;

(iii) and upon completion of the structural work send to the authority a signed certificate to that effect with any available quality control test certificate to back this up.

(iv) to provide good quality of work/workmanship on contracts undertaken and respect the deadline for completion of work agreed with clients

(v) to display this licence at a conspicuous place on the business premises specified in the licence.


The holder of a licence under these regulations, may, subject tothe trades tax act, import and sell goods specified in the licence where the holder is required to supply the goods as part of the service which the holder holds a licence.

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